Interior Pool Finishes

An Exact and Elegant Fit, for All Shapes and Sizes.

Soft to the touch and alluring to the eye, our beautiful interior pool finishes are made of the finest materials and resistant to ultraviolet rays and bacterial growth. They are also far easier to take care of than other pool surfaces, which means less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your pool.

For every taste, Matrix has the perfect interior pool finish, each pattern custom-manufactured for an exact fit.


NOTE: All pool photos were shot in natural at different times of day and in different weather conditions. The actual water color will differ from these photos. Use the Water Color Guide to help determine your actual water color.

perfect seam technology

Perfection sometimes goes unnoticed. It’s improving something until it is as flawless as possible.

We have invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and combined it with time tested sealing methods. This allows us to flawlessly bind two pieces of material together leaving all seams almost undetectable, strong and water tight.

Our Interior Pool Finishes™ are the finest made in the market today.

As stated above, Perfect Seam™ Technology produces a seam that is almost undetectable. Visibility of the seam is affected
by the thickness and color of the base film and the pattern printed on it.

Your Decor Options 


The classic design originated from the European culture. The Greek and the Roman are the main inspirations of the classic design. Very elegant and ornate, the classic design never goes out of style!


A geometric pattern is linear, consisting of geometric figures, such as triangles, rectangles, circles and squares. Geometric patterns are found in many places, including art and architecture, and they tend to be symmetrical. This creates a very clean, simple and sophisticated look.


Contemporary design is rooted in the moment as in this moment, here and now. Smooth flowing profiles instead of ornamentation. A strong emphasis on line and form - two essentials to good design - gives contemporary style its energy.


Water Color Guide 


With color hues that will remind you of the Caribbean as the sand descends into the blue waters below your feet.

Light Blue

A light blue that turns your pool into a tropical paradise.

Medium Blue

Temperate medium blue shades transports you to lands and antiquities half a world away.


Dark Blue

A dark sapphire hue whisks you away to the ocean's deepest waters, inviting you to explore all of the riches below the water.

Brands and Patterns

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Key Features and Technology

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