Shape Up and Step Into Nexus

Shape Up and Step Into Nexus

A lounge area. A sun deck. A cuddle cove, or simply a bench. Whatever you want your pool entrance system to be, Imperial has the right one for you. Our steps are the most aesthetically pleasing in the industry, constructed with comfort, durability, strength, and safety in mind, and protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Nexus Built-In Stairs
Our vinyl-covered open-top Polymer and Steel Stair System extends the pattern of your pool's interiorfinish onto your steps, creating an uninterrupted, continual, elegant look. Choose from our models or create your own stair design to match your needs and your style.

Inside radius stair
Inside straight Stairs


Conversation Cove

Full End Stair
Cuddle Cove

Full End Radius Stair